I purchased a Glas 30 from you guys in january of 2012, I just wanted to let you know that this is the best amp I've ever heard and it has changed the way I play. It is so musical and dynamic, the reverb is so sweet, the studio switch is fantastic for smaller gigs. it's just superb, worth every penny. The build quality alone is a feat in itself. I play about three gigs per week with it and have never had one problem and it is amazing to have that peace of mind. for anyone who reads this if you are thinking at all about buying one of these amps DO IT! it is totally worth it and you will be set for a lifetime of playing. I have never been more thrilled with a product and the staff should know how amazing they are. thank you for making these amazing amps. by the way it's a plum 1x12 that looks amazing on stage.

Peter Knutson

Peter Knutson

"Everyone that has plugged into the Savage amp has really loved the way it sounds! It's a really easy amp to work with and sits well in every mix."


Studio engineer at Radio K Minneapolis

I can go to a gig with supreme confidence that [my Savage Amp] will perform flawlessly and produce tones that are the envy of all who hear them.

Lewis Phillips

I purchased a used Glas 30 not to long ago. I LOVE IT!!! I've been fortunate to have Matchless, Bad Cat, Vox, Fender amps. But my Glas 30 is now my main squeeze. In what you do, you have no equal. Well done! I noticed I have a footswitch jack on the underside of the chassis. Is that something I can get from you guys, or could you point me in the right direction of where to go? I'm assuming it's to turn on/off the reverb. Thanks a ton. Can't wait to purchase another!

Ben Moore

Hello Savage Guys,
I've had a few days to play the Macht 12 that I ordered through Daves Guitars and which I picked up on Friday, July 16. Although I haven't played it yet out with the band, I'm confident that it will do the job unmiced. The tone of this thing is eye watering, it's so good. There's so much ambient 3-D sound that it sounds like it has a reverb tank--a damn good one--and to my ear, it has a sweet musical Fender top end along with a tight Marshall bottom. I think the middle is all yours--I'm not sure what it is, but it's magic. I may look into getting your extension cab for this. I'm in my fifties and have owned and played a 67 BF Super, Victoria 35210, Tone King Comet, original Ampeg Jet, Holland, Supros, and on and on. This is the best amp I've owned or played. Ever.

I have a 60s Supro "Trem-O-Verb" that needs bench time. It's smaller than a Tweed Deluxe, two 6V6s. I could ship--do you do this kind of work?

Have you ever considered making a 1 X 15 model along the lines of the Macht series--no master, about 20 watts from 6V6s? A thought. It would be an absolute monster.

Thanks for providing the world with such a wonderful musical instrument.

Bob Smith

Hey Jeff!
I bought a P12Q Jensen for my Macht 6 and man what a difference! I just love Jensens and now I love this amp even more! Thank you for your info and your reply to my emails! I can't tell you how many vendors I email in my work every day and get little or no response. You guys rock!

Eddie Miles


i am not sure who will read this but i felt the need to email you regarding savage amps. the other day i was at buffalo brothers guitar shop in carlsbad california looking for a new amp. i used to tour full time with my band called the beautiful mistake and i played (and was endorsed by) mesa boogie amps because i needed durability and gain. i recently decided not to tour anymore with the beautiful mistake and just play acoustic/ small electric shows here on the west coast so my need for an amp changed. i also play lead guitar in a band from san diego called the midwinters...kind of alt. country power pop group. i had tried ac30's, tophats, drz's and on and on down the list of smaller class-a combos. one of the guys at the shop set me up with a glas 30 1x12 combo to try out. i needed to write you because the amp is, hand down, the best sounding amp i have ever heard or played through. the note clarity was incredible and the sustain and reverb just blew my mind. i have been playing g&l guitars for years now and my guitar has never sounded better. when the amp-sales guy set it up he used a small cable to blend the channels and the different tones i was able to dial in really showed the versatility of the amp. i
would almost be scared to hear the 2x12 combo! anyways, i just wanted to say that you have a new fan per se. anyways, thanks for your time. i fell in love with that amp yesterday and am now just needing to convince my wife that i must have it! thanks for making such a great combo!

Josh Hagquist


Excerpted from a recent interview on GearWire:

I have a Savage Audio Glas 30 2x12 combo that I run through a 4x12 cabinet loaded with Celestion greenbacks. The Glas 30 is kind of like a Vox AC30 and I had many AC30s they just always broke. So I sought after an amplifier that would kind of give me that classic AC30 kind of sound but would be more reliable and maybe perhaps even better. I found that with the Savage Audio amps.

You need an amp that is made well. At lot of amps today are very mass-market, and a lot of things aren't made as well as they could be, and that reflects in the amount of times they'll break down. That Savage amp is made really well, no corners are really cut while making that amp. We tour a lot, extensively, but I've never had a problem with that amp. I'm fortunate, but I researched and invested in buying a decent amp and I haven't had any problems.

Craig Bonich

Head Automatica

I recently moved back home from Alberta to Newfoundland, and I stopped into Montreal (Moog Audio) specifically to try out a Savage. My friend who lives there told me that the Moog store carried your amps, so I made the effort to go there. I've always been very interested your amps, particularly because my favourite band for quite some time has been Pearl Jam, and they seem to take well to your gear. Mike and Stone always have beautiful tones, and I now I can see why they use them. Anyway I ended up buying a Rohr 15x and I have to say this is probably my proudest purchase in respect to guitar equipment. It stood out from the rest of the amps because of it's visual quality, that I would say is immaculate. I've been driving my family crazy because I cannot stop playing it, but the quality of the sound, and it's dynamics are something else. My folks usually tell me to turn down, but even they were admiring the sound of it. I got home and played it with dead strings on my guitar (I couldn't wait to restring it) and it was still beautiful sounding. I usually have a few pedals to play with, but I find myself plugging straight in and just enjoying the natural tone of the amp and the guitar. One thing I was suprised about was the stage/studio switch. I didn't know that you guys had this on the Rohr, and it works very well. This one's definitely a keeper, and I hope you guys are around for a long as this amp is! Thank you!!!